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Pricing Details

Where Integrity Comes First

At Integral, we do not believe in start up or minimum monthly fees. We charge a flat monthly percentage based on gross generated revenue, which is payments received from insurance and patients in any given month. Our flat fee covers all three of our services; billing, credentialing and consulting. Please see our "Services Offered" page for specifics. Integral uses a three tier bracket:

Tier 1: Practices that generate $999,999 or less per year ($83,333 or less per month) are charged a flat fee of 7%. 

Tier 2: Practices that generate between $1,000,000 and 4,999,999 per year ($83,334 and $416,666 per month) are charged a flat fee of 6%.

Tier 3: Practices that generate $5,000,000 or more per year ($416,667+ per month) are charged a flat fee of 5%.

Credentialing Only: $125.00 per insurance panel. Discount available for 6 or more insurance panels. 

*Prices may be customized depending on what specific services your practice would like to utilize. Please contact us for more details.*

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